What will DJT do to Make American Great Again (MAGA)?

Remember the Tea Party motto Take Our Country BACK? Back to where, I once asked a local Tea Party leader?

As a boomer, I enjoyed a well-regulated economy that wasn’t influenced by the many conservative think tanks of today and free market fundamentalism that grew out of the 1971 Powell Memo. What I, especially as a white male, also enjoyed was a world economy dominated by the United States. I had a lifetime of wage growth that out paced inflation. I had great benefits. My veteran status helped me secure my BS degree. My single, divorced, mother helped purchase our first home and purchase my teenage cars.

That kind of life is gone for my daughter and the millennials. But it’s what those, who voted for Obama in 2008 and DJT in 2016, are familiar with and would like to go BACK to. Also, DJT is a boomer, except he was born into extreme wealth and remembers this time too.

What enabled those pre 1980 decades of American dominance in the world economy? It was WWII. Asia and Europe had to rebuild while the United states was the country getting paid to help them rebuild.

So, might DJT’s answer to the MAGA question be another world war! He’s hiring several generals. He’s identified the enemy. Now all he needs is a military and as soon as he takes the oath as president, he has control of the largest and best equipped military the world has ever seen.

On the other hand, he wants to kill the pork program called the F-35.



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