What I Would Teach a Child in My Care

  • That self-made individuals are a myth.
  • That empathy is natural and requires nurturing.
  • That we are all responsible for ourselves and each other.
  • That equality is an honorable goal.
  • That we must protect and preserve our common wealth for our benefit and the benefit of all who come after us.
  • That learning is an act of love for all things unknown.
  • That government, of, by, and for we the governed, must equally protect and empower all breathing citizens.
  • That maintaining the people’s government requires citizen participation to avoid control by a minority.
  • That citizenship dues in proportion to one’s use of the common wealth, and growth in population, is absolutely necessary for maintaining a people’s government and the infrastructure of our economy.
  • That the workplace requires democratization to minimize concentration of power that will tend to destroy democracy.
  • That thinking is emotional, mostly unconscious, individually unique, evolved from our predecessors, depends on our bodily experiences, and largely metaphorical.



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