Trump Ascendency Should Be No Surprise

It is a natural result of many factors including, but not limited to:

– Decades of repeating that “government IS the problem” and predatory privatization of our government

We are governed by Reps owned by mega corps

– Decades of disempowering the people’s government while empowering
the excessively wealthy with even more power by both:

– Giving them excessive reductions in citizenship dues
to help starve the government, and
– Allowing corporations to divert savings from productivity
increases from millions of productive profit makers to a
very few, non-value added, profit takers at the top, who
put those savings in tax shelters further starving govt.

Top marginal US income tax rates since 1920

Increase income from productivity gains by workers went to executives instead.

– Enabling a communication network of profit centric media,
via changes in our telecommunications laws, who’s profit is:

– Required by a very few empowered profit takers, and
– Maximized by entertaining citizens, who are told
shopping, not voting, is patriotic

Distracted from voting by those in power

CEOs distract employees from wage theft

Who will save us from a Trump Presidency?

If the 99% votes ...



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About Andy Hailey

Vietnam Vet, UT El Paso Grad, Retired Aerospace Engineer, former union rep, 60's Republican now progressive, web admin, blogger.

2 Responses to Trump Ascendency Should Be No Surprise

  1. Nancy Kent says:

    You are so right, Andy! I am shocked at the Trump ascendency, but I am even more shocked at the #Bernie or Bust folks, who say they will vote for Trump if Bernie doesn’t get the Dem nomination. They seem to have some sort of death wish. I’m too old for physically active revolution (although my heart may be there)!

    • Andy Hailey says:

      Hi Nancy, I have a twitter account and there is a lot of exuberance for both Hillary and Bernie. I’m also wary of any portrayal of that exuberance by our profit-centric media that must keep their profit masters happy. Also, once the nominees are finalized, Trump will put the Bernie or bust group to shame regardless of the Dem nominee.

      What concerns me far more, is the drop-off in Dem votes and the increase in Rep votes since 2008. In Indiana, there were half as many 2016 Dem votes than Dem votes in 2008. However, tonight in W. Virginia, there are more Dem voters than Rep – the exception. Most primaries show more Rep voters than Dems and there is a big drop in Dem votes in those states where new voter suppression laws have been passed. Beating Trump is not going to be easy.

      Check the Rasmussen survey, and keep in mind a lot will happen between now and November.