The Public Health Care Option – Conservative vs. Progressive Views



After asking others to support the above effort, I got this one response:

You mean the public option which is the government supplied option that will be offered if you still want to use your own health care? That public option will eventually destroy the regular private option so we will eventually only have the government option. The government should not be in this at all. This is government take over. …

I responded with the following:

Our Declaration of Independence refers to “certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” – life being the key unalienable right here.

The government is the only entity that should be overseeing the healthcare of its citizens. It is the moral obligation of our government to protect and empower its citizens and protecting our health should never be subjugated to profit, which will trump our lives if it means more [profit].

Our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness are of absolutely no concern to the corporations of healthcare. Profit is king.

Profit is great, however, it has no place when it comes to any moral issue involving our protection and empowerment. If it is, we lose – our “unalienable rights” are taken from us for the sake of profit. WRONG!!!

(Natural rights (or inalienable rights) are rights which are not contingent upon the laws, [profit,] customs, or beliefs or a particular society or polity)



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