The Changing Nature of Right-wing Authoritarian Lies – Then and Now

One of the tools used by the right-wing authoritarian (RWA) or “Conservatives Without Conscience” (CWC) leaders (Rep. Senators, Dick Arm…, Rush Lim…, Glenn Be.., Bill O’…, Newt Ging…, Michele Bach…, Sharron Ang…, Ann Coul…,) is the Noble Lie. These lies by the RWA leadership are used to manipulate the RWA followers, deny guilt, label their enemies, and create issues that don’t exist. But the point of this posting is to show how the nature of these lies has changed.

Over the last forty years, RWA lies have morphed and become more caustic to our political system. Decades ago, they were simple statements of denial when crimes were exposed. Now, many are accusatory in nature – even when crimes are exposed. They have gone from “I’m not a crook” to ‘You’re the crook’ (liberal, commie, socialist, racist, Nazi, etc.).

Here’s an example of how lying was done forty years ago:

Nixon in Denial


Here’s an example of the false accusations of today as described by Lewis Black:

“Arizona is sure putting the AZ in Nazi, aren’t they?”


Regardless of their approach or how accusatory they become, RWAs and CWCs lie to hide the truth. The truth is, they are either what they deny being – “I’m not a crook.” – or they accuse others of being what they are – RWAs (Nazis).



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