Telecom Immunity – Only If They Testify to Other Crimes

With the help of, I sent the following to GWB and others:

I oppose:

  • The unitary presidency and its absurd abuse of power through signing statements and fear mongering,
  • A Congress that is scared into ignoring this abuse of power,
  • The redacting of the constitution to lower our higher standards to the level of the small minded terrorists that we can’t even catch,
  • Hiding behind a Justice Department that enforces “conservatives without conscience” policy and ignores the law of the land, and
  • A Congress that doesn’t have the backbone to investigate possible high crimes of the Administration and is also willing to grant unconditional immunity to possible witnesses of these high crimes.

The damage done by this Administration and Congressional leaders since 1994 is an absolute disgrace and has significantly weakened the power of we the people.

The abuse of power and dereliction of duty by our elected officials must stop and preventing telecom immunity is a good place to start. Granting the immunity as defined in this current update to FISA only lets Congress of the hook and the real criminals free.

The only immunity AT&T and other telecoms should get is if they agree to testify to Congress as to other higher crimes.



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