Teapublicans Are Punishing America for Electing a Black Man President

As we all know, our right-wing minority controlled Congress and many right-wing state leaders have opposed every effort of President Obama. The election of a gaggle of Tea Party members to Congress in 2010 reinforced this opposition and Mitch McConnell had even stated they had a plan to limit President Obama to one term.

Where does this anger/hatred and lack of action come from?

As the research by Professor George Lakoff and others has shown, those on the far right have a worldview that includes a hierarchy of humankind that promotes inequality and a belief in extreme physical punishment starting at a very young age to teach their ideas of what is right.

Their hierarchy has God at the top followed by white, male, authoritarian Christians and then everyone else not like them. The bottom of this hierarchy is includes the poor, especially poor minority women.

This hierarchy means they just cannot support anything President Obama wants and their belief in strong physical punishment leads to their punishment of America for electing President Obama.

For more on this right-wing worldview, see The Strict Father Model section of chapter 4 of Thinking Points.



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2 Responses to Teapublicans Are Punishing America for Electing a Black Man President

  1. Mike Beck says:

    Hi Andy, I’ve been wondering how the right wing would react in the event a second person of color (either of African American or Hispanic descent) were elected President in the near future. This, I believe, would be a major test of our ‘civilization.’ I think the reaction could conceivably shake our nation to the core.

    • Andy Hailey says:

      Isn’t electing Obama to a second term the same thing, especially after the expensive and determined effort to make him a one term president? The extreme right is just as determined to oppose his efforts this time around as during his first four years. When you’re as far to the right as they are, it’s hard to go further. On the other hand, this might embolden the extreme right of the extreme right, our domestic terrorists, and increase the number of threats to the President’s life.