Tax Breaks For The Mega and Ultra Rich – Stopping Their Takeover of Our Democracy

An article about Congress deciding its next pay raise, had this to say about the richest 235 of them:

Senators had a median reportable net worth of $1.79 million in 2008, the last year such data were available, down from $2.27 million in 2007. House members’ median net worth was $645,503 in 2008, down from $724,258 the previous year.

While about 1 percent of Americans are considered millionaires, 44 percent of members of Congress were in that category. Fifty members had wealth topping $10 million.

No wonder Senators and Representatives want to maintain the excessive tax breaks for the mega and ultra rich. They are the mega and ultra rich.

They are not only self-serving, they are protecting the disproportionate income of their rich backers like the Koch Brothers, who are almost as rich as either Warren Buffet or Bill Gates. (Note that the Koch brothers are funding the Tea Party, not Buffet and Gates.)

Whether or not you are happy with our political process since the successful election of 2008, don’t make it worse.

Don’t enable the continuation of the corporate take over of our government by the likes of the Koch brothers. Don’t enable the continuation of the transfer of our common wealth to the mega and ultra rich. Don’t enable the perpetuation of disproportionate tax breaks for the extremely wealthy and allow the extremely wealthy to continue sucking the life blood out of our democracy.

We have to declare, through the 2010 election, that this is not government by the rich, for the rich and of the rich.



Vote against the Joe McCarthy’s of today that are again fomenting fear and habituating hate. Vote against the corporatists and their purchase of our democracy.

Vote for the middle class and pull them back from a future of poverty. Vote to fix a broken education system that only works for the really wealthy. Vote for funding of government services that will protect the middle class from both international and domestic terrorists. Vote for funding of government services that will empower the middle class by rebuilding our infrastructure, providing a basic education for every citizen, and by protecting our Constitution from further erosion.

Vote against Conservatives without Conscience who consider all those not like them the enemy and on their own. Vote against the right-wing authoritarians who rule with an iron fist and their second amendment option. Vote against the Christianists who want to convert our democracy into a strict father theocracy.

Vote to keep change moving, even if slowly, in the direction of democracy and reestablishing the middle class. Vote against the creation of a plutocracy worse than the one our forefathers rebelled against over 230 years ago.





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One Response to Tax Breaks For The Mega and Ultra Rich – Stopping Their Takeover of Our Democracy

  1. Andy Hailey says:

    A new article shows Congress gets wealthier as others lose their homes or declare bankruptcy.

    And while some members’ financial portfolios lost value, no need to bemoan most lawmakers’ financial lot: Nearly half of them — 261 — are millionaires, a slight increase from the previous year, the Center’s study finds. That compares to about 1 percent of Americans who lay claim to the same lofty fiscal status.

    And of these congressional millionaires, 55 have an average calculated wealth in 2009 of $10 million or more, with eight in the $100 million-plus range.

    In 2009, the median wealth of a U.S. House member stood at $765,010, up from $645,503 in 2008. The median wealth of a U.S. senator was nearly $2.38 million, up from $2.27 million in 2008.

    For all members of Congress regardless of chamber, median wealth in 2009 reached $911,510, up from $785,515 in 2008. This spike in personal wealth represents a notable rebound from the period between 2007 and 2008, when overall congressional wealth slipped by more than 5 percent. Federal lawmakers’ personal wealth climaxed in 2007 — the pinnacle of nearly a decade’s worth of steady asset value expansion.

    No wonder the RWA Republicans want to extend the tax breaks for the few really wealthy people in our new plutocracy.