Shelby County v Holder Ruling – Keeping Texas Red

Here’s another message I’ve sent to the Supreme Court:

On behalf of the Texas Republican Party, thank you.

With our contested voter ID law and formerly illegal district maps being implemented, the Battleground Texas effort will have an even more challenging time of turning Texas blue.

Thanks for delaying the inevitable and keeping Republicans in control of Texas for some unknown number of additional years. Thanks for assuring that future presidents of the United States are less likely to be Democrats and, in turn, for making sure you are joined by future justices of like partisanship.

Shame on the Robert’s right-wing, authoritarian, activist members – “The Hateful Four.” You’ve overthrown decades of still valid court precedence based on gut feel instead of discriminatory laws passed by Texas and other ALEC controlled state legislatures.

Things have changed “dramatically” since the Civil Rights Act. We have ALEC. We have billionaires like the Koch Brothers buying our government. We have a Supreme Court that has voted in favor of the US Chamber of Congress more often than not. We have hate radio. We have partisan entertainment referred to as news. We have banks to big to prosecute. We have more and more wealth concentrated with those of excessive wealth. We have a Congress that is controlled by a minority, extreme right-wing caucus. We have fewer union members. We have negative wage growth for average Americans. We have millions more without health insurance. We’ve had a Great Recession and we have a Supreme Court that is aiding this destruction of our democracy .

If you agree, make a donation to Battleground Texas.



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Vietnam Vet, UT El Paso Grad, Retired Aerospace Engineer, former union rep, 60's Republican now progressive, web admin, blogger.

2 Responses to Shelby County v Holder Ruling – Keeping Texas Red

  1. KIT JONES says:

    Keep it coming, Andy! Thanks for your constant stream of sensible, ‘GERMANE’ [word of the week in TX lege] political information. I hope the people will stay awake and keep putting the pieces together-especially the great women who, rightfully, took things into their own hands and voiced their protest in Austin on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, June 25-26, 2013. We women are FED UP with the disrespect to themselves–to the middle and working class, children, veterans, and the disadvantaged. We’re building up to another clash between the 1% and the 99%. The super-rich must have their power curbed, and we must regain the power of the vote. Thank you, again, for beating the drum and telling the truth.

    • Andy Hailey says:

      You are so right, “we must regain the power of the vote.” Texas is not a red state, it is a non-voting state. Here are some stats from Burnt Orange that were part of a story about the kickoff of Battlegroung Texas:

      … there are some 2.3 million registered and eligible African-Americans and Hispanics in just the state’s 11 largest counties who are considered unlikely voters. Of those, only 782,580 (34%) voted in 2008. And in 2010? Only 68,883 voted. That’s less than 3% turnout and a fall off of almost 714,000 in a state that Bill White lost by 631,086 votes.