Reality and Howard Dean’s Hopeful Optimism

Governor Dean,

Your optimism is admirable relative to achieving a compromise between those that have such strong ‘feelings’ over the civic center in NY. However, history shows that right-wing authoritarians (RWA), not just their leaders, don’t compromise. They do not come from a diverse or disobedient background and if you aren’t like them, you are wrong and there is no room for compromise – unless you convert to their views.

If you took two groups on each side of the issue from those who lost family members on 9/11/2001, and asked them to compromise on this controversial NY facility, I don’t believe it would happen. If you then took this same group of family representatives and added those trying to finish the Islamic center, there would still be no compromise.

I spent 10 years as a union rep. We could and did compromise with the company over benefits. However, these compromises were not about religion or politics. Take a look at Israel and the Palestinians. We’ve had 62 years for compromise in that relationship.

The south didn’t compromise over slavery and we know the blood that was shed over that issue. That same southern attitude is still at war with the federal government and the RWA followers and leaders will not compromise on this either – no checks and balances on private enterprise, no safety net, nothing for those who can find a job, and more tax breaks for the mega and ultra rich.

The southern attitude didn’t compromise over school desegregation. Federal troops made that happen.

The RWA opposition is all fear based and you can’t reason with fearful people. Physically, their brains are unable to reason/compromise.

This issue is not just about one facility in NY. It’s about other Muslim facilities around the country. It’s a slippery slop and only the Muslim’s will lose – compromise or not.

The only compromise acceptable by those in opposition to the civic center would be the interment of all Muslims and the destruction of their religious facilities. The crusades are being “born again.” It needs to be nipped in the bud.

Since feelings are so strong. The only solution is the law. If there is no legal reason to stop it, then let it go.

Unfortunately, that won’t be the end. If you don’t compromise to their wishes, some RWA domestic terrorist will resort to violence.

The community center will need protection from the growing Islamaphobia and it may have to be provided by the federal government.



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