Pro Life Discontinuity – At Birth Life/Health Is Subjugated to Profit

Conservatives without conscience (CWC) want life protected at all costs while it exists in the womb. Once you are born, however, CWCs believe “you’re on your own.” Your life after birth and your health are totally up to you – even though they are both subject to many systemic factors:

  • your parents,
  • your parent’s genes,
  • drunk drivers,
  • contaminated peanut butter,
  • exploding gas tanks (Think Ford Pinto),
  • improperly tested medications,
  • contaminated air, water or soil,
  • violent criminal acts, or
  • any abuse by others.

Protecting life against all the things we can’t control is a moral issue. That’s why we need health care for all citizens – not just those that work for companies that provide health insurance or those that are rich and healthy enough to afford their own insurance.

Germany’s health care system is totally private and covers every citizen from birth to death. Citizens pay for insurance. Profit is allowed for providers of health care but insurance is non-profit. In fact, in all other democracies which provide health care for all their citizens, health insurance is non-profit.

Why does America let 20,000 citizens die each year due to lack of health care? Why does America let 700,000 families a year declare bankruptcy because their health care costs exceed the limits of their health insurance, if they have insurance? Why …? Profit for insurance companies.

Profit above life is morally wrong!



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