President Palin? – Social Conservatives Rejoice

Let’s go back in time a few weeks, return to the present and then look to a probably future if McCain and Palin win in 2008.

Shortly before the recently-closed party conventions, there was some discussion and speculation of a “one and done” McCain presidency. This discussion was fed by statements by McCain’s campaign chief Rick Davis who refused to rule out the possibility on Fox News when he said, “you’re going to have to come to the convention,” implying something would be said there. However — nothing was said and won’t be either.

However, is a “One and Done” or even shorter McCain presidency still possible?

According to Rick Moran’s American Thinkers article and “many pros,” a one-term McCain is a “horrible idea.” Moran expanded on this:

… First of all, it tends to highlight rather than obscure the age issue – something the Obama camp will seize on immediately and hammer McCain on daily. Secondly, it really would mean that McCain would be a lame duck the moment he took the oath. Presidents get as much done by being feared as they do being loved. Take away the fear factor and getting politicians to go along with you becomes an exercise in herding cats. McCain could fight for his issues all he wants but it would do him little good if the Congress knew he would be gone in 2012.

Also, it would put an enormous burden on his Vice Presidential nominee. He will be vetted by both the Obama campaign and the press as a potential president, not Vice President. For four years, the White House beat will have two subjects; the president and the probable GOP nominee in 2012. That can only detract from McCain’s presidency.

This is all fine and makes sense assuming one thing — that McCain wants to stay in office, when and if he is sworn in. What if he doesn’t?

What if he never really expected to get nominated? What if he never really wanted to be nominated? What if the pressure of the campaign is wearing him out and he sees four years as president just too much? What if the reality of the job finally sets in? What if he shared these inner concerns and feelings with only the closest of his lobbyist/neocon supporters? What if these close ‘friends’ saw an opportunity and suggested a plan to ‘help him out’ and ‘bring in someone’ more acceptable to the Republican base? His friends are ready. They tell him they have someone who would help bring back the base whom they need to win. John McCain agrees. A short time passes, the Democrat convention is about to end and Republicans need to roadblock any possible enemy gains from that convention. They tell McCain who they found for his VP and we have all now been introduced to Sarah Palin.

Now off to a future possible McCain/Palin administration.

John McCain has to keep a promise to his friends, becomes seriously ill or just tires of the pressure of the toughest job in the country? Palin has gained some additional ‘executive’ experience and has paid close attention to her Chief of Staff, Karl Rove. John McCain announces he is stepping down within 90 days and Palin will take over at that time.

The talk before the conventions was about John McCain possibly promising to be a one-term president. Now the talk should be about a shortened McCain presidency with Palin becoming our first national leader whose allegiance to the citizens is limited to the social conservative minority. Imagine the executive orders on separation of church and state, abortion, homosexuality, and marriage.

We DO NOT NEED a right-wing authoritarian, who believes that church and state should work as one, leading this country. This is not what our forefathers fought for in the 1700’s.


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