President Obama Should Meet with Some of the 99%

Here is a letter I sent to the White House today:

RE: Dinner with OWS members

Mr. President,
In the past, you have offered to sit down at dinner with a few of those who have contributed to your election or re-election. Well, I think there are some people in cities around the country that you should invite to come talk with you, but they probably can’t afford to contribute to your campaign.

Please consider reaching out and inviting some of those from Occupy to meet and talk with you. Here is a suggested list:

U.S. Marine Scott Olsen, or his room mate or father, the Iraq vet who was wounded by another American in a peace officer’s uniform in Oakland.

Sergeant Shamar Thomas, the Iraq veteran from NY who chastised the NYPD for attacking unarmed Americans and was recently clubbed by a NY peace officer.

Jan Rodolfo, Midwest Director, National Nurses United, a Chicago Nurse manning a first aid station who was arrested as part of a Occupy Chicago crack down.

David DeGraw, one of the key individuals involved in the movement from its inception.

Jess Lagreca, the OWS protester who was interviewed by FOX News and FOX was too embarrassed to use the footage.

These, and others, are the Americans you should be listening to, the 99% – not just some small group of lucky contributors.

(Maybe after listening to them, he will remember why he was elected.)



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