Please Support Sound Science in the Texas Classroom

Jim normally provides the postings under Bad Deeds. Now, however, he is trying to prevent future bad deeds from the Texas State Board of Education:

Would you like to be part of a statewide grassroots network of mainstream Texans who believe all students deserve a 21st-century science education?

Here are two ways you can support sound science in the classroom:

1. Sign the Stand Up for Science petition and help spread the message that cynical politicians should stop promoting a phony conflict between science and faith.

2. Join the TFN Stand Up for Science Response Team. The Texas Freedom Network (TFN) will notify you how and when to take action to support sound science. There are opportunities to testify at a State Board of Education meeting, become a postcard captain, write a blog entry, and much, much more. You make a difference by reminding people that we can do best for our kids and honor the faith of all Texans by teaching sound science in science classrooms and leaving personal religious views to our families and churches.





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