Occupy America – We’re Not Taking It Anymore!

The top ONE% have had their way for three decades. They created the Great Recession and still got richer. They’ve received excessive tax breaks for 30 years and thus have not been repaying what they have taken from the rest of us.

Higher education requires debt that can’t be paid off. The middle class is walking way from their homes because banks are greedy. They are declaring backruptcy after corporate health care denies them coverage. Households require 2 or more wage earners working two or more jobs to meet basic expenses. To make up for what the ONE% has taken, the middle class went into debt that has grown larger than the national debt as a percent of the GDP.

Middle class real wages have stagnated. Infrastructure is failing. Clean energy development lacks funding, and we continue to live in an out-of-date petroleum based economy.

It’s time for the ONE% to pay-it-forward. It’s time for the 99% to out do, out smart, and out vote those who have demolished the middle class and tried to drown our democracy.

They have fear mongering and Noble Lies. We have the ability to think critically and can ignore them. They have monetary wealth. We have us – the people of America – and we’re not taking it anymore.



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One Response to Occupy America – We’re Not Taking It Anymore!

  1. [RtC] First we need to remove the criminals. Haven’t we learned that lesson from the Vietnam protests? See my grassroots Rising page for more details.