November 2006 – We Have Some Serious Choices to Make!   

We must chose …

Between being feared as a warmonger nation and condemned around the world or regaining the respect of at least our allies.

Between fighting the terrorist threat endlessly or winning it through an international law enforcement program and major changes in our international diplomacy.

Between embarrassing visiting foreign dignitaries or treating them with dignity and respect, and garnering their support.

Between disrespecting and dishonoring our international commitments or recognizing that others will support our struggles when we honor those commitments

Between trying to force democracy on a country that may not have the internal fortitude to maintain it, much less create one, or securing our wide open borders and ports of entry.

Between maintaining a training and breeding ground for more terrorists or capturing Osama.

Between being sucked deeper into a crusade by Osama and promoting peace in the middle east.

Between sacrificing our rights for unreasonable threats or accepting that we can hold the high ground and still win.

Between a intolerant, mean-spirited, single-party government or one that is open, pragmatic and willing to figure out the best solution for the country as a whole. 

Between a future theocratic dictatorship or getting back to what our dissident founding fathers established and put in our care.

Between signed laws that are voided by signing statements and laws that are respected and validated by the signer.

Between fear-mongering leaders or leadership, honesty, and integrity from elected officials.

Between what is easy to do with unchecked power or doing what is difficult and will assure that our grandchildren will be proud of what we did for them.

Between keeping a Congress that either rubber stamps or fabricates disputes with the executive, or electing a congress that should seriously question executive authority.

Between a congress who’s members can’t stand to be in the same room with the other party or a congressmen that respect the beliefs and seniority of their coworkers.

Between K Street keeping incombent Congressman in place indefinitely or replacing poor performers before they turn Capitol Hill into a perpetual country club of rich Republicans helping other rich Republicans get richer.

Between using truthiness to govern or government action based on knowledge and reason.

Between a leadership where dissent is equated with treason and you are part of the problem or where everyone is seen as a potential contributor and given a fair hearing.

Between a judiciary immersed in personal beliefs and popular opinion or one grounded in the rule of law.

Between letting the evangelical authoritarians control our election results or electing officials that have a conscience.

I close with this quote from John Dean’s Conservatives Without Conscience, “… time has run out, and the next two or three national election cycles will define America in the twenty-first century … ”



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