Is a theocracy in our future?

According to the CIA World Fact Book, there is only one theocratic republic in the world. Are we on our way to becoming a second theocracy?

Is this even worth worrying about? Or are we halfway there and don’t realize it? What has kept the Christian theocracy from fruition?

Who is leading this march to the Christian theocracy? “Christianization of the Republican Party,” an article from The Christian Statesman answers this.

Don’t get the wrong idea. Just like Islam has it fundamentalists, Christianity has its’ theocratic right. They both put their respective religions in a bad light. “There is almost a sense of righteous paranoia that fuels these individual movements … The comparisons between conservative Christians and their Islamic counterparts in the Taliban are numerous – the most glaring being the drive to adopt a form of government based upon a repressive theocracy. …”

The Supreme Court is the last levee against a repressive theocratic flood that has been building for 25 years. Will this levee, like the one in New Orleans, give way due to lack of funding? Only in this case, the missing funding is counted in votes, not dollars.



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