Indefinite Detention Rates only a “Huge Pause”

Mr. Presidnet,

I am writing to you concerning indefinite detention of suspected criminals/terrorists. On July 3, you told the Associated Press that the idea of indefinite detention gave you” huge pause.” However, huge pause does not mean you oppose it or intend to stop this GWB policy. ‘Huge pause’ sounds like you are holding something back or avoiding the exposer of your actual intent.

Unless there is some basic flaw in our innocent-until-proven-guilty legal system, which has worked for so long and handled many other very evil criminals, I request that this policy be reversed or at least suspended to force a different context for evaluating it’s need.

I can understand the citizenry being intimidated under the exposer to demagoguery, but you are in position to know much more. You also have the legal background.

Remember, every promise broken only makes it easier to break the next one.



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