In Support of Mayors Against Illegal Guns – Stop Domestic Terrorism

Americans are more likely to be killed by domestic terrorists with guns than international terrorists with bombs. When will we redirect our national resources to reflect this higher threat to American lives?

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Also, here’s my message to President Obama on domestic terrorism, which was provided to the White House via their on-line communications form:

Mr. President,

We are all saddened by the killings in Colorado, but it points out again that we need perspective on threats to Americans.

We have domestic terrorists in greater numbers than international terrorists – and they are already here. Frank Schaeffer, a former insider of the far-right evangelical movement, has written about them in Crazy for God. He refers to them as the extreme right of the extreme right – that puts them at about 4% of our population.

Proof of their numbers exists. I would bet that there are more threats to your life by some of these extremists than there are threats to America by foreign terrorists.

Whether domestic or international, they need to be handled in the same way – as criminals. We are spending too much on a relatively few international terrorists and too little on the domestic ones. The killings in Colorado are proof of this.



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