Help Start the Next Progressive Era – Support Senator Obama by October 24, 2008

This is a critical time for America’s future and we must all do what we can. I hope you can help me help Senator Obama become our next president.

We must end control of our governments by “Conservatives Without Conscience.”

According to Chris Pummer of Market Watch, Wikipedia and others, politics in America generally runs on a 36 year cycle between conservative and progressive polices as set by the presidents. However, the current conservative cycle, which started in 1968, is now in it’s 40th year. This unfortunate extension was, in part, due to the attacks on September 11, 2001, and in equal part, to the neoconservatives who took advantage of the attack. They used it to scare us and our representatives into accepting policies and actions we would not have accepted under more normal circumstances.

This nation cannot tolerate another extension of the conscienceless conservative cycle under John McCain and his neocon and corporate lobbyist supporters. The cycle, and John McCain, must be stopped and the next progressive cycle, of any kind, must be started.

To help with the change, I have volunteered as a member of the Obama Grassroots Finance Committee – a committee unlike any before. As a committee member, I have been challenged to raise $1,000.00 for Senator Obama’s campaign by October 24, 2008.

Please contribute and help start the overdue grassroots-lead progressive cycle. There’s a lot of fixing to do and we’re four years behind schedule.



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Vietnam Vet, UT El Paso Grad, Retired Aerospace Engineer, former union rep, 60's Republican now progressive, web admin, blogger.

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