Has Our Congress Done Its Job – A Letter to My Senator

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison,

Thank you for your reply email dated 8/16/07.

Below I quote some of your reply followed by my concerns.

“I support the President in his efforts to strengthen domestic and international security, …”

I, like the majority of this nation, don’t support the President. We especially don’t support his approach to national and international security. We have taken away a meager excuse of a terrorist training camp in Afghanistan and replaced it with a 5 star battle field. They have learned better ways to kill our children. They have been able to recruit many more jihadists than we have killed, captured, or hidden away. They use real life experience in Iraq to understand our ways and better prepare for future attacks. They can then export and implement this experience around the world. How can we be more secure with all this growth in the terrorists work force?

“… and I believe Congress has the constitutional checks and balances appropriate to ensuring the executive branch upholds its duties.”

I believe Congress has turned its back on its duties to check and balance the executive branch. Congress has stood by and let this unitary presidency grow far past the bonds the Richard Nixon exceeded. This president has thumbed his nose at Congress with hundreds of signing statements to Congressional bills and Congress says, “yez mazte.” During the first 6 years of this presidency, Congress rubber stamped every thing the president wanted, especially if it was in the name of national security. All he has to do is mention national security and Congress roles over like a submissive bitch (as in female dog). Congress was so good at pleasing this president, he forgot, if he ever knew, how to spell veto. You say Congress is ensuring the president and his fellow war mongering neocons are upholding their duties. I think Congress has forgotten the other side of the coin – ensuring they don’t violate their duties.

“I will continue to work with my colleagues in Congress to strengthen priorities for the security of our nation, keeping your concerns in mind.”

I’m not sure what you mean by “strengthen priorities for the security of our nation.” If your priorities are only national security, I suggest you broaden your scope of thoughts and concerns. There are many national issues that are being ignored by and need the attention of Congress. Congress is spending this nation into bankruptcy and Osama bin Laden couldn’t be happier. Cutting taxes while increasing spending and making up the difference by borrowing from China and Japan will not come to a good end. Just like sub prime lending, this reckless budget management by Congress will eventually come crashing down Then there’s the continuing rise in all of our medical costs. One reason is the 50,000,000 citizens that don’t have insurance and have to use the emergency room to get an aspirin. We all pay for this cost and there has to be a better way. Then there are the citizens with employer sponsored medical coverage, who have to work until they die for fear of some major medical situation that will bankrupt them. Unlike the government, which Congress is partially responsible for, they can’t borrow to make up the difference.

May I suggest that you broaden your involvement with the voters in Texas and limit your time with those that bought a place at your table. Group thinks doesn’t serve a congressperson any better that it serves a our president.

Respectfully but seriously concerned for this nations future as a demacracy,

… and always, always wrong!!



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