Growing Our Democracy, Economically, Is Key to It’s Survival!

This growth must go beyond reversing voter suppression, improving public education, and expanding civic participation. Maximizing the rule of democracy for our government of, by and for the PEOPLE must also include democratizing our economy. Record economic inequality must be reversed and it will take more tan tweaking the current economic system.

Expanding the democratic concept will require minimizing our century’s long acceptance of authoritarian economic domination. One place where this authoritarian domination has increasingly worked against we the PEOPLE is the workplace.

Can you imagine a workplace without managers, without a small group of extremely wealthy individuals making all the key decisions on products, employees, benefits, suppliers, and the best use of profits? This non-authoritarian workplace is foreign to most, but it exists, it is growing, and it’s been in place since WWII in some parts of the free world.

Read more about the THE FULL PARTICIPATION ECONOMY in this five part series from Democracy at Work:


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