Functioning Democracies Require Citizen Participation and That …

  • Government is crucial for building a public infrastructure that equally protects and empowers every citizen
  • Citizenship dues are necessary to fund this public infrastructure and that these dues are in proportion to the use of said infrastructure so as to maintain it for future generations.
  • Voting is a right and requirement of all citizens regardless of wealth, family, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, etc.
  • Quality public education for all citizens is necessary for maximizing the opportunities for success and for becoming a responsible and participating citizen in the political process that assures the government operates as desired by the people
  • Freedom from abuse by those with EXCESSIVE power requires limitations on those powers enforced by a properly funded government
  • Citizen freedoms, even those listed in the constitution, require limits to avoid harm by those who might abuse them
  • Equality of opportunity for all citizens and progressive citizenship dues on ALL income are absolutely necessary to prevent both EXCESSIVE inequality of wealth and income and a government that no longer represents its citizens.
  • Acceptance of citizen diversity is necessary for long-term surival
  • Growth has limitations and unlimited growth, like cancer or nuclear bombs, will lead to chaos and death
  • Cooperation maximizes the possibility of success for more citizens than I-win-you-lose competition
  • We all do better when we care about our own wellbeing as well as the wellbeing of others



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