Federal Spending for Sustaining Instead of Destroying LIFE

$700 Billion for the Pentagon – Where Will All That Federal Money Come From? A Few Taps on a Keyboard.

DJT just signed a bill to provide $700 Billion for the Pentagon in FY2018 while Congress is working on a new, enormous, welfare giveaway for the one percent. How is this possible?

Once a federal spending budget is approved, credits to all government spending accounts are added. It’s just a matter of a few keystrokes at a federal government computer. Then, poof, there’s money in their accounts to spend. Nothing was printed. The authorized funds were just added “out of thin air” to these accounts. For some accounts, like the DoD, there will be increases from 2017. For social programs, there will be decreases from 2017.

Guess what. If our federal government officials were of a different political persuasion, they would use the same technique to increase funding for healthcare for all and transitioning to a green economy while creating new jobs for sustaining instead of destroying life.

It’s up to We The People to make this happen – participate in the political process! Help register voters. Help encourage registered voters to vote.

“Modern monetary theory has been used to pay for our bloated military but can be used by the
federal government to create new green jobs, build a green economy, and fund social programs in a surprisingly affordable and complete way.” Learn more.



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