“Double High” Authoritarian Gingrich – Reducing Checks and Balances to Support the ONE%

A Newt 2012 Position Paper – Compiled from previous writings of and paid for by Newt Gingrich:

Looks like what Newt is proposing is to reduce the power and protections of the judicial branch of our government in favor of the other two. Remember, the Executive and Legislative are elected by a minority of the voting age public, a public who are becoming less and less educated as our public education system is de-funded to pay for tax cuts for the mega and ultra rich.

In other words, let’s constrain the power of the one branch that can still protect the 99% while the other two branches do the bidding of the ONE%.

Here are some excerpts from the referenced document above:

Judicial Supremacy and The Power Grab of the Lawyer Class

Judicial Supremacy’s Assault on National Security, Religious Liberty, and National Sovereignty

Rejecting Judicial Supremacy: History of Executive and Legislative Actions to Check and Balance the Judicial Branch

Reestablishing a Balance of Power Today: Reasserting Executive and Legislative Branch Powers to Check and Balance the Judiciary

Appendix A – Catalog of Warnings About the Dangers of Judicial Supremacy and the Judicial Branch Exceeding its Authority

Appendix B – Federal District Court Judge Orders the Censoring of High School Graduation Speech

Appendix C – Historical Grounds for Impeachment of Judges

Appendix D – Relevant Source Materials on the topic of Judicial Supremacy and Executive and Legislative Powers to Check and Balance the Judicial Branch



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