DEMOCRATS – It’s Time To Stop Playing by Their Rules

The following was sent to leaders of the Democrat Party:

Why are Democrats so afraid of the Republicans?

Why are Democrats so afraid of standing up for their progressive values?

Why are Democrats so afraid of a Republican filibuster? What have you got to lose that you haven’t already lost and are now ready to back down on? The filibuster will only delay the process. Well, it’s been delayed anyway. Their goal is to kill it – little by little and they keep succeeding. Stop playing their game. Make them filibuster.

Democrats are losing on health care and lost in Mass because they keep backing down. This is backed up by the only exit poll taken in Mass.:

“Generally speaking, do you think Democrats in Washington, DC are fighting hard enough to challenge the Republican policies of the Bush years, aren’t fighting hard enough to change those policies, or are fighting about right?”

  • NOT ENOUGH 37%
  • TOO HARD 15%
  • NOT SURE 27%

When will Democrats learn how to win consistently? When will Democrats learn from the success of last November instead of repeating the mistakes of that got us to this low point one year after the election for hope and change?

George Lakoff said in The Policyspeak Disaster for Health Care,

“The first rule of effective communication is stating the positive in your own terms, not quoting the other side’s language with a negation.”

When will Democrats stop paving the way for a major Republican victory in November? When will Democrats call their bluff?

Let them filibuster while you and the other Democrat leaders come up with a new plan to keep hope and change alive.



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