Dear Conservative Without a Conscience – A Post Inauguration Letter

Your conservative worldview has held sway for many years. Your conservative cognitive policy has changed the minds of many and perpetuated many unfortunate ideas, values and principles. But we the people have started to recognize what has happened, what has gone terribly wrong and that there is a lot we have to fix.

Your team has lost. Your core membership represents less than a quarter of the voting public.

Your moral authority is badly tarnished and waning.

Your principles of the unquestioning obedience to authority, the “you’re on your own” view of those not like you, the blind support of the imperfect free market, and the insistence on pull yourself up – are on their way out.

Your belief in direct causation and a male dominated identity limits your understand of all those who voted Democrat.

Your preference for profits and profiteering over supporting the common wealth, which helped create the profit, says clearly that helping we the people is secondary to your helping corporations.

Your insistence on turning over governance of we the people to corporations means our safety, education, welfare, health and security are secondary to profits.

Your ideas for what is right for America are wrong. Your ideas are not what the authors of our Declaration of Independence and Constitution had in mind when they broke with the single-party authoritarian rule of England. In fact, your ideas are probably the same as the Loyalists of the late 1700’s.

The bottom line is that “conservatives without conscience” lack empathy, respect and responsibility for those fellow citizens not like them – the majority of us.

Please stop insisting the you want to do what is right for America. You’ve had decades to prove that your ideas work, but they have failed. You can’t pass the buck for our situation to others below you. You and your recently departed leaders are entirely responsible for the mess we are in.

Please stop your petty attempts to delay our inevitable change and start helping to fix what you broke.

We no longer want what you have to offer.

With respect,



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