Bad Deeds: It’s War!

Republicans love war. Lots of war! Such as:

  • War on Social Security!
  • War on consumers!
  • War on improving America’s vital infrastructure!
  • War on Medicare!
  • War on home owners!
  • War on credit card holders!
  • War on the Veterans Administration!
  • War on sick people!
  • War on protecting Americans from polluted air!
  • War on the middle class!
  • War on protecting Americans from polluted water!
  • War on poor people!
  • War on affordable health care!
  • War on Muslims!
  • War on government workers!
  • War on science!
  • War on transforming NASA from Apollo to Star Trek technologies!
  • War on immigrants!
  • War on union workers!
  • War on reason!
  • War on teachers!
  • War on the truth!
  • War on women!
  • War on negotiation!
  • War on non-whites!
  • War on education!
  • War on intelligence!
  • War on seeking common ground!
  • War on the United Nations!
  • War on peace seekers!
  • War on protecting Americans from dangerous products!
  • War on empathy!
  • War on gays and lesbians!
  • War on understanding!
  • War on Habeas Corpus!
  • War on safe food!

I bet you could add many more.



“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter”
– Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.



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Texas A&M Aggie, Retired aerospace engineer, former union member, Vietnam vet, Demcratic Party organizer, husband and father.

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