Bad Deeds for 9-30-2009


Republican City Councilor Would Rather Abolish Police Force Than See It Unionize – Erick Erickson, the managing editor of and a city councilor in Macon, Georgia, has called for the abolition of Macon’s police force if it votes to unionize. Some 130 police officers on the city’s municipal force want to unionize because of “officers bearing the burden of rising insurance costs, a loss of incentive pay and the city not having a pay scale.”


Dick Cheney, Liz Cheney are Scaremongering According to U.S. Generals – About a dozen retired generals and admirals, trying to add momentum to President Barack Obama’s effort to close the Guantanamo Bay military prison, are accusing former Vice President Dick Cheney and his daughter Liz of scaremongering about the dangers of closing it.

“It’s up to all of us to say these arguments advanced by Cheney and his acolytes are nonsense and that really what they’re doing is undermining our national security by delaying the date at which Guantanamo is closed,” retired Brig. Gen. James Cullen, a former chief judge of the Army’s Court of Criminal Appeals, told POLITICO Tuesday.

“Some of the fear issues that are being raised in this are really unfortunate. It gets people excited about things they shouldn’t be excited about and impedes doing what is critical to this country. Get that damn symbol off the table,” said retired Gen. David Maddox, a former Army commander-in-chief for Europe. “We take a setback every time somebody, whether it’s the vice president or his daughter comes out and says the things that they say….We have to get out there again and just keep pounding.”

“Closing Guantanamo is of a strategic value,” retired Army Maj. Gen. Tony Taguba said. “Seeing people in orange jumpsuits and whatever have you creates such an excitement for people to be jihadists and terrorists…It’s not helping us.”


30 Moments in Mike Huckabee’s Extremism [According to Frank Schaeffer, author of Crazy for God, Mike and Sarah Palin are the far right of the far right. They hate what America is becoming – not like them. They want it back and if they can’t have it, no one can. If the can’t have it, they can’t wait for the apocalypse.]

1. Huckabee Calls for the Quarantine of AIDS Victims
2. Huckabee Enables the Politically-Motivated Parole of Repeat Rapist/Murderer
3. Huckabee Offers Faith-Based Pardons
4. Huckabee Undermines the Teaching of Evolution
5. Huckabee Speaks for God
6. Huckabee Speaks to God
7. Huckabee Claims God Behind His Rise in the Polls
8. Huckabee Proclaims His Theology Degree a Unique Qualification to Fight Terrorism
9. Huckabee Flip-Flops, Calls for Federal Abortion Ban
10. Huckabee Calls for Consumption Tax, Abolition of the IRS
11. Huckabee Vows to Take Nation Back for Christ
12. Huckabee Declares Culture War in 1998 Book
13. Huckabee Declares Women Should Graciously Submit to Their Husbands
14. Huckabee Predicts Victory over Islam at the End of Times
15. Huckabee Boasts About Theology Degree He Doesn’t Have
16. Huckabee Destroys His State Computer Records – and Church Sermons
17. Huckabee Offers State Appointments in Exchange for Gifts
18. Huckabee Uses Wedding Registries to Furnish New Home
19. Huckabee Offers Clemency to Repeat DWI Offender (and GOP Donor)
20. Huckabee Intervenes to Save Dog-Killing Son from Legal Jeopardy
21. Huckabee Encourages Televangelist to Defy Senate Investigation
22. Huckabee Wants Americans to be “Soldiers for Christ” in “God’s Army”
23. Huckabee Calls for a Faith-Based Constitution
24. Huckabee Wants to Crimalize Abortion Providers
25. Huckabee Vows to Deport All Illegal Aliens
26. Huckabee Equates Homosexuality with Bestiality
27. Huckabee Says the Lord Gave Him Wisdom During GOP Debates
28. Huckabee Gets Scatalogical in Defense of the Confederate Flag
29. Huckabee Compares Search for Iraq WMD to Easter Egg Hunt
30. Huckabee Calls for Taxes on Pimps, Prostitutes and Drug Dealers


Glenn Beck Fabricates “Bombs” – Beck: Now they’re worried about bombings taking place. Well, let me show you some new footage. A bombing did take place this past week in a town just north of Seattle called Everett. The only reason why I know this story is ’cause I was there. Radio station KRKO, their towers were blown up. When freedom of speech is being squelched, the left usually says, “That’s fascist!” But in this case the left doesn’t even call them anything!

But in reality, there were no bombs in this incident at all. All Beck and his staff had to do was read the actual news reports:

“What they used was a machine called an excavator, it has a front arm off the front end of the machine. They stole it out of the yard,” Andy Skotdal, president and general manager of KRKO. “They went and attached it to the tower and pushed one of them over and pulled the other one down.”

Moreover, the vandalism had nothing to do with “free speech” and everything to do with the towers being a public nuisance:

The towers have been at the center of controversy for years. There are four towers currently at the location and there have been plans to build two more towers. Opponents have claimed that AM radio waves can harm people and wildlife.

More recently, nearby residents claim radio signals coming over home phone and intercom lines have increased since KRKO recently boosted its broadcasting power.

Just to be clear: Eco-terrorism, even without bombs, is a despicable act that deserves to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The people who brought these towers down need to be caught and jailed.

But the threat they pose, at least so far, is strictly to property, not to people. The same cannot be said of the right-wing extremists who Beck is calling out of the woodwork now.

Someone needs to ask Beck: When, exactly, was the last time a left-wing activist walked into a church or a museum and opened fire with a gun? When was the last time an eco-terrorist gunned down police officers because he feared the President and his New World Order were trying to take his guns away?

Because just in the past year alone, there have been five such incidents involving right-wing extremists. Nancy Pelosi is right to be concerned about the potential for extremist violence from the right — because it’s already happening. And when we talk about right-wing violence, we’re not talking about damage to property or facilities — we’re talking about terrorists who kill people.
Moreover, we can thank Glenn Beck for his share of fomenting it.

This wasn’t the only case of Beck lying on Fox last night. He also went on The O’Reilly Factor and lied about the size of the crowds that came out to protest him.


Some Cruise Lines Get an F on Report Card – Millions of Americans take cruise vacations every year. However, most people don’t realize that taking a cruise is more harmful to the environment and human health than many other forms of travel. Friends of the Earth has created the first-ever Cruise Ship Environmental Report Card, an assessment of the environmental and human health footprint of cruise ships operating in the United States.

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