Bad Deeds for 7-8-2010


Republican Says Fox News Helps Us Get Our Message Out ‘Unfiltered’ – Last month, former Republican Senator George Allen spoke at a luncheon of the conservative Heritage Foundation about how Republicans need to use Fox News as the one television news source that could be counted upon to pass along the Republican message without filtering. (In other words, without fact-checking.)

Allen owes Fox some gratitude after some of the network’s pundits ignored and even defended his outrageous ‘macaca’ slur” to describe an Indian-American who was filming one of his campaign events. Allen now runs a lobbying firm in the Washington, DC area and heads the American Energy Freedom Center, an anti-regulatory group backed by the oil industry.


Republican Senator Lies About Disgraced Staffer Working on Women’s Issues – On Wednesday, Republican Sen. David Vitter denied categorically denied that Brent Furer, who pled guilty in 2008 to attacking his girlfriend with a knife, worked on women’s issues in any way. But numerous records and published accounts prove otherwise.

Several DC-based information services publish detailed listings of staff assignments and contact information for Capitol Hill offices. And multiple directories, both online and in hard copy, name Furer as Vitter’s legislative assistant on women’s issues.





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