Bad Deeds for 7-26-2007

Tom Delay: “We have to be connected to Israel to enjoy the second coming.” – In an interview, Tom Delay, when asked how much the “Second Coming” plays into his support for Israel, says, “obviously, it’s what I live for, I hope it comes tomorrow.” Delay closed by saying, “we have to be connected to Israel to enjoy the second coming.”

Bush’s Veto Death March Continues – The president who vetoed just one bill in six years of Republican Congresses now has vetoed or threatened to veto 25 bills in the seven months of the Democratic Congress. A full 75% of the annual appropriations agenda.

Documents Contradict Attorney General’s Sworn Testimony – Documents directly contradict the sworn testimony of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, heightening the questions of his credibility and fueling concern of perjury charges.

Wall Street Journal Sobs for Poor Gonzales – A few incredible excerpts of how the WSJ already sounds like it’s owned by Rupert Murdoch:

First, try the Bush/Cheney/Rove did nothing wrong ploy: “We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: U.S. Attorneys are political appointees. They serve at the pleasure of the President, who has the right to fire them at any time.”
Next, bring out the old Clinton did it too trick: “Just ask Bill Clinton and Janet Reno, who fired all the U.S. Attorneys in one fell swoop in 1993 to little political or media consternation.”

Then try to convince us that the president and his men don’t have to answer to anyone for their actions: “Their refusal to testify is not only understandable, but necessary and, what’s more, a favor to any future White House occupant from either party.”

Maybe some tear-jerker sympathy: “Congress has nearly run out the string on its capacity to bludgeon Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.”

And when all else fails, try to convince us that revealing the identity of covert agents, commiting perjury and obstruction of justice are not crimes: “Amid the Valerie Plame brouhaha, it let Attorney General John Ashcroft recuse himself, which allowed Deputy AG James Comey to appoint his pal Patrick Fitzgerald as a special counsel to investigate another non-crime. … As with the Plame affair, the U.S. Attorneys fiasco is a political dispute, not a criminal one.”

Bill O’Reilly Bans DailyKos Contributer From His Website – A contributer to DailyKos exposed hate speech on Bill O’Reilly’s website and posted the information on DailyKos. He opened an account on, but was his account was terminated, supposedly for violation of terms and condidtions. He gave completely accurate information when registering and he never made a post, uncivil or otherwise, to

They only thing that might work: Let’s pray for Bill Regular Poster Makes Death Threat on Hillary Clinton – Last night, Bill O’Reilly uselessly scolded Hillary Clinton’s Communications Director for the lack of comment moderation on Daily Kos:

O’REILLY: Every respectable blog in the country does not permit this hatred. Even.
WOLFSON: Bill, even your website has things on it that you would find objectionable.
O’REILLY: That’s bull. Look, we know what you’re going to say because the Kos planted someone in there. But when we see objectionable things, we take it off immediately. They traffic in it.

BillO tried to steamroll Wolfson on this point in the transcript because he knew there are outrageous comments on his site and tried to spin it-but this one!. Well.Falafel-Boy, it’s time to heal thyself. John at AmBlog picked up this: “If [Hillary] wins. my guns are loaded”

Note that the person has written over 1,000 posts on O’Reilly’s Web site. That means he or she isn’t new, he or she isn’t someone who just came over from DailyKos in order to impersonate a member (as O’Reilly ridiculously claimed last night). It’s a regular, and Bill clearly has had no issues with this person posting on his site in exchange for cold hard cash. (It costs $30 to be able to post on O’Reilly’s site.)

Political Strong-Arming of Endangered Species List – Individually, the creatures on the endangered species list might seem less than crucial to democracy. But when one after another – as many as 200 – loses protection due to political, rather than scientific, assessments, alarms should sound both for the environment and for government. The Department of the Interior, which oversees endangered fish and wildlife, is the latest in more than 18 agencies or departments whose scientists complain that political appointees have tampered with data. An investigation by the department’s inspector general reported Fish and Wildlife Services employees’ protests that their boss, Julie MacDonald, “bullied, insulted and harassed the professional staff … to change documents and alter biological reporting.”

Tony Snow Lectures Reporter on How to Report – Is this a sign of the crisis at the White House? Are they getting a bit more edgy?

Conservative Blog Says “It’s Time To Take Fredo Out Fishing” – Rather than suggesting that the Bush administration be honest or do what’s right for the nation, they think of ways to subvert the system to maintain power.

Republicans Ready to Make Money Selling Your Broadcast Spectrum – Republicans are salivating over the prospect of $10 billion in free money from the “spectrum sale,” as though the government were just another private entity seeking a windfall. But spectrum is not property. It is part of the Commons.





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