Bad Deeds for 6-7-2010


Arizona City Councilman/Talk-Show Host Doesn’t Like Black or Brown Faces on Mural – The leader of a group of artists says he was ordered to lighten the skin tones of children depicted in an outdoor mural covering two walls of a Prescott, Arizona elementary school because of complaints that the faces appeared too ethnic. City Councilman Steve Blair had used his radio talk show to start a campaign for the mural to be removed.

“We consistently, for two months, had people shouting racial slander from their cars,” R.E. Wall told AZCentral. “We had children painting with us, and here come these yells of (epithet for Blacks) and (epithet for Hispanics).”

Update: Prescott eNews is reporting that Steve Blair has been fired from his talk show with radio station KYCA. The order to lighten the faces on the mural has been rescinded.


Bernie Madoff Says “F–k My Victims” – Unregulated free enterprise at its freeist and greed at its greediest.


Liz Cheney Rushes to Defend Halliburton, Ignores Gov’t Fraud Allegations – On ABC’s This Week, Liz Cheney ridiculed Arianna Huffington for her statement that Halliburton defrauded the government out of hundreds of millions of dollars. In fact, federal agencies have repeatedly accused Halliburton and its former subsidiary, KBR, of fraud with regard to its work in Iraq and Afghanistan.





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