Bad Deeds for 6-19-2008

Rich Hunters Want Polar Bears for Trophies – Just days after polar bears gained new life-saving protections, the powerful Safari Club International sued the federal government. The reason? To once again allow wealthy U.S. hunters to kill struggling polar bears in Canada — and bring their carcasses back as trophies. Polar bears are already on the fast track to extinction. Oil companies are poised to invade their key denning habitat. Rising temperatures are melting sea ice, leading to starvation. Yet the Safari Club wants to ensure that rich hunters can keep polar bears in their gun sights. Help keep the ban on trophy hunting and give some protection to threatened polar bears.


McCain Signed Letter Urging for an Attack on Iraq Years Before 9/11 – In January 1998, John McCain signed the now infamous open letter to President Bill Clinton cooked up by the neo-conservative “Project for a New American Century” (PNAC). The letter urged the president to take unilateral military action against Iraq. McCain and his neo-con brethren were literally cheerleading for the United States to attack and overthrow the government of Iraq with a post 9/11 mindset long before 9/11. Yes, that was 1998.


John McCain, Phil Gramm and the Enron Loophole





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