Bad Deeds for 6-12-2009

Conservative Radio Commentator Attempts to Rig Election – Conservative radio commentator Dale Jackson of WVNN in Huntsville read a phony release on air that said the polls would be open for two days. The release also stated that because of heavy voter turnout, the candidates had agreed to flip a coin to see who’s voters would vote on each day. The release said Republican supporters would vote Tuesday, the Democrats were to vote Wednesday (when polls were actually closed). Jackson also posted a copy to his Web site Tuesday morning, where the release made prominent use of the Alabama state seal to make it look official.


Senators Who Opposed Tobacco Regulation Bill Received Top Dollar From Industry – Among the 17 senators who voted against allowing the Food and Drug Administration to regulate tobacco are some of the top recipients of campaign contributions from the tobacco industry, which has donated millions of dollars to lawmakers in the past several campaign cycles:

  • Over the course of his nearly quarter-century Senate career, Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, has received $419,025 from the tobacco industry, more than any other member of Congress, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that analyzes the influence of money on politics and policy.
  • North Carolina Republican Sen. Richard Burr, who led the opposition to the bill, is the second highest recipient and netted $359,100 from tobacco-related political action committees and individual contributions.
  • Georgia Republican Sen. Saxby Chambliss, is the third highest recipient with $228,700.
  • Kentucky Republican Sen. Jim Bunning, who’s up for re-election next year and is considered the most vulnerable Senate Republican, received $194,166.


Coal Ash Spills Too Dangerous To Reveal To Public, Says Dept. of Homeland Security – Just how bad has the coal ash situation gotten in the United States? So bad that the Department of Homeland Security has told Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) that her committee can’t publicly disclose the location of coal ash dumps across the country. The pollution is so toxic, so dangerous, that an enemy of the United States — or a storm or some other disrupting event — could easily cause them to spill out and lay waste to any area nearby.

There are 44 sites deemed by the Environmental Protection Agency to be high hazard, but Boxer said she isn’t allowed to talk about them other than to senators in the states affected. “There is a huge muzzle on me and my staff,” she said. “Homeland Security and the Army Corps [of Engineers] have decided in the interests of national security they can’t make these sites known,” she said. There are several hundred coal ash piles across the nation, she said, all of them unregulated.


Pastor Prays for Death of Our President – The following is from an interview with Wiley Drake, pastor of First Southern Baptist Church in Buena Park, Calif.:

Colmes: …you then said, I asked for whom else are you praying in that fashion and you said President Obama. Are you praying for his death?

Drake: Yes.

Colmes: So you’re praying for the death of the president of the United States?

Drake: Yes. Are you concerned that by saying that you might find yourself on some secret service call or FBI most wanted list. Do you think it’s appropriate to say something like that or even pray for something like that

Drake: I think it’s appropriate to pray for the will of God. I’m not saying anything, what I’m doing is repeating what God is saying, if that puts me on somebodies list then I’ll just have to be on their list.

Colmes: You would like for the president of the United States to die?

Drake: If he does not turn to God and does not turn his life around I am asking God to enforce in imprecatory prayers throughout the scripture that would cause him death, that’s correct.





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