Bad Deeds for 1/8/2010


Mr. 9/11 Forgets 9/11 (and other terror attempts) – Rudy Giuliani has joined fellow Republicans Dana Perino and Mary Matalin in seeming to forget that the September 11th attacks (and other attempted attacks) happened under President Bush.

On “Good Morning America” Friday, the former New York mayor declared, “We had no domestic attacks under Bush; we’ve had one under Obama.”

Not only does the statement suggest Giuliani does not remember the devastating attack in his own city, it also omits the anthrax attacks and the attempted shoe bomber attack (and the D. C. Sniper, and the American soldier in Kuwait who killed and wounded other American soldiers and the other terrorist events under G. W. Bush).

A day earlier, Giuliani falsely claimed that the shoe bomber attack occurred before September 11th.
The Associated Press did a long write-up of Giuliani’s Obama criticisms but omitted the startling mistake. George Stephanopoulos, who conducted the ABC interview, included the quote in a blog post but did not question it. (Stephanopoulos did not question it during the on-air interview either.)


Terrorist Attacks Under Bush
A noun_ a verb and No Clue


Another Republican Takes Credit For Stimulus Funds He Voted To Kill – Rep. Mike Castle (R-DE) has staggered to the right, voting against the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (also known as the stimulus), financial regulation reform, the recent jobs package, and health reform. In the past two weeks, Castle has sent out multiple press releases publicizing stimulus funds awarded to his state. In his most recent release, he not only calls the money “imperative,” but in “announcing” the funds, he tacitly claims credit for securing them. Nowhere on the press release is the source of the funds or the word “stimulus” mentioned. But the stimulus Castle opposed is the source of the “imperative” funds he now champions.


Muslim Extremist, Meet Tea Party Extremist. Tea Party Extremist, Meet Muslim Extremist – An award-winning California-based political cartoonist says he is receiving death threats over a 90-second animated film he created that teaches viewers “how to speak tea bag.” Mark Fiore compares his predicament to that of Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard, whose cartoon depicting the prophet Mohamed caused rioting across the Muslim world several years ago, and an attempt on his life last week.


Learn to Speak Tea Bag


Anti-Gay Republican Files to Run as Democrat for Harris County Race – Conservative anti-gay activist Dave Wilson will be on the March 2 primary ballot for Harris County Precinct 4 commissioner as a Democrat. Wilson once hosted a fund-raiser for Republican incumbent Jerry Eversole. County election records indicate that Wilson, 63, has voted in eight Republican primary and runoff elections since 1995, but never in a Democratic election. This is the same Wilson who sent out 35,000 fliers in November opposing Annise Parker for mayor, in part, because of her sexual orientation.

Harris County Democratic Party Gerry Birnberg accused Wilson and the Republican Party of fraud. Not only is Wilson not a Democrat, Birnberg said, but the candidate sent a representative who signed in as Wilson and allowed himself to be introduced as Wilson to a roomful of applauding Democrats.





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