Bad Deeds for 12-29-2006

Right-Wing Blogs Make Up Lies about John Kerry – Several Right-Wing Blogs posted a photo of John Kerry, apparently sitting alone at a mess hall in Iraq a couple of weeks ago. The picture, as the story went, proves that Kerry’s “botched joke” has caused lingering resentment among men and women in uniform. However, the picture’s embedded data, just a away, shows the picture was taken on January 9, 2006 – several months before Kerry botched his joke. News accounts at the time put Kerry in England around that time – which might explain the giant hanging on the far wall.

FBI Thought the movie, It’s a Wonderful Life, Was Communist Propaganda – I love the movie, It’s a Wonderful Life, because it teaches us that family, friendship, and virtue are the true definitions of wealth. In 1947, however, the FBI considered this anti-cosumerist message as subversive Communist propaganda (read original FBI memo). According to Professor of Franklin and Marshall College, the FBI thought Life smeared American values such as wealth and free enterprise while glorifying anti-American values such as the triumph of the common man.

Ice mass snaps free from Canada’s Arctic – A giant ice shelf has snapped free from an island south of the North Pole, scientists said Thursday, citing climate change as a “major” reason for the event.

Another Former Bush Administration Official Joins Big Oil – Former Interior Secretary Gale Norton has accepted a position with Shell Oil as general counsel for exploration, production and unconventional resources. No wonder we have not been protecting our resources or taking action against global warming.

American Households in Worst Financial Shape Since WWII





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