Bad Deeds for 11-16-2009

Chamber Of Commerce Solicits Money For Economist Who Will Give Bad Review Of Health Care Bill – The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is soliciting funds to pay an economist $50,000 to study health care reform legislation and issue (what the lobby presumes) will be a negative review, providing ammunition to shoot down health care reform in the Senate.

According to an e-mail from James P. Gelfand, the senior manager of health policy at the Chamber of Commerce, detailing how the plan would work:

“The economist will then circulate a sign-on letter to hundreds of other economists saying that the bill will kill jobs and hurt the economy. We will then be able to use this open letter to produce advertisements, and as a powerful lobbying and grass-roots document.”

Grass roots, did he say?


Chuck Norris Indulges in Violent Eliminationist Fantasies About Liberals – Fresh off warning us that President Obama intends to create a “one world order,” Chuck Norris went on Sean Hannity’s show last night on Fox and described his eliminationist fantasies if he ran for office:

Hannity: Why don’t you run? No no no, there’s a solution — why wouldn’t you — Chuck Norris could be governor of Texas one day.

Norris: You know why? Because I’d be sitting here with my opponent, and debating, and then he would start attacking my character, and I’d jump over there and choke him unconscious.

Hannity: You have more control than that!

Norris: I don’t! That’s the problem, you know. I have a thin skin. It was really tough in the film world. And in the political world, you know, I’d be killing half the people. …

Norris: You know, with all the senators, you can’t get anything done. You know, it’s always right and left —
Hannity: No, no, you can, I disagree with you. You can.

Norris: Well, what I’d have to do, I’d have to choke out all the Democrats.

Hannity: [laughs] Well, it’s a good start.


Republican Bill Would Allow “Mentally Incapacitated” Vets to Buy Guns – Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.) says his “Veterans 2nd Amendment Protection Act” will protect veterans’ gun rights. But the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence calls it a “dangerous” proposal that could allow “over 100,000 mentally incapacitated or incompetent persons” to buy guns—people who would previously have been barred from doing so by the Veterans Administration (VA).


Deported! 😉 – Acting on anonymous tips from within the Hispanic-American community, U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials on Wednesday deported Luis Miguel Salvador Aguila Dominguez, who for the last 48 years had been living illegally in the United States under the name Lou Dobbs.

Evidence collected by investigators indicates that Dominguez/Dobbs, who has long claimed Texas heritage, was actually born in the Mexican state of Puebla to parents of Colombian descent, neither of whom were U.S. citizens. In the summer of his 16th year, he and 14 of his brothers and sisters paid smugglers to let them ride atop packages of cocaine in the cargo hold of a fishing boat bound for Texas under cover of night.

In addition to holding multiple jobs without ever obtaining a guest-worker permit or H-1B visa, “Dobbs” is reported to have collected welfare every month for nearly five decades. He appeared in good health when apprehended, having used Medicaid to obtain numerous health care services over the years, but immigration officials fear he still may have exposed the American population to the many infectious diseases illegal immigrants tend to carry, including both malaria and leprosy.

No one here knew anything about Mr. Dobbs’ past, and to be honest, we never asked,” said a source within CNN, who asked not to be identified. “All we knew was that he was willing to take the job most American newscasters didn’t want—namely, speaking out hysterically against immigration at every turn to help us gain ratings points against Fox News.”
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