Below is a message I sent to Congressman Nick Lampson and it includes a message I sent to Congressman Ron Paul:

I’m surrounded by your district, but I contributed to your run against the worst Congressman ever and have attended many of your local constituent meetings.

I’m on you email distribution list and enjoy responding to your surveys. However, today’s survey on SCHIP would not respond to my clicking of the Submit button.

I support the expansion of the SCHIP program and think we need to go even further.

I’m near retirement and despite my ‘significant’ resources, I’m concerned that maintaining our health could easily put us in the poor house. National healthcare for all is the right thing to do. If passing this SCHIP over the “Shrub’s” veto can be done to start us down that slippery slop, then let’s do it.

Thank you for your service and hope to see you again for lunch.

One other thing ….

Here is a copy of my message to my Congressman Ron Paul. This is an example of what really disappoints me about Congress. It’s bad enough that we have a lame duck in the White House, but to have a lame duck Congress that can only come together on such as this is very sad:


I am very disappointed in your vote on We not only have a lame duck president, we have a lame duck Congress. But worse yet, Congress has as much disrespect for the Constitution as the President does. Bush took away habeas corpus and both Congress and the Administration only want free speech for the extreme right like Ann Coulter or Fox “Noise.”

There is something very wrong with those who work inside the beltway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Left Gets Blasted While the Extreme Right Gets Free Speech

If you just overlook all the hype over the headline of the add and read the other view of the ‘success’ of the surge, you will find it to be true. General Petraeus could not use this information because his boss would not have allowed it. The general understands his chain-of-command.”

Add to this the despicable attacks on children supporting SCHIP that are initiated by “right-wing authoritarians” in Congress and the media and I just can’t believe how low this country has sunk from what The Greatest Generation defended during WWII. The only think that I’m glad for at this time is that my mother, now 92, doesn’t realize what has happened to the country she served between 1942 and 1944.

Keep up the fight for what is right for the citizens of this country.



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