A New Costly Cold War?

Are profit-centric media and supporting profit-centric defense contractors promoting a new cold war, via Russian Hack hysteria, and boosting support for more defense spending? Are regime change neocons fanning the flames for a new cold war to remove Putin from power? Will a new cold war require an even larger, all ready unprecedented, war budget? Will the Republican controlled Congress require cuts in remaining FDR/LBJ social programs to offset new, questionable, war spending? Will dear-in-headlights Democrats support war and social program cuts or will they consider other options and views?

The CIA has provided misinformation for past regime change efforts as in Iraq and in other nations. Are they now promoting regime change in America?

As Robert Parry of Consortium News puts it:

“So, as the Democrats chart their future, they need to decide if they want to leapfrog the Republicans as America’s “war party” or whether they want to pull back from the escalation of tensions with Russia and start addressing the pressing needs of the American people.”



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