A Form of Government Similar to What Our Founding Forefathers Rebelled Against With Great Britain

The following was sent to Jim Lehrer of PBS. He needs to get Senator McCain to talk about his health.

Senator McCain’s health is critical to the future foreign and domestic policy of this country.

The voters need to understand, at least those willing to listen, that McCain’s cancer history makes it probable that his politically vetted VP could become the 45th president of this country. This is not what the country needs at this time. We don’t need more deregulation of commerce during an economic crash. We don’t need more preemptive foreign policy to continue the bankruptcy of this country as bin Laden has wanted. We don’t need conservative social values forced on the majority by a minority.

Palin is being prepped by a hoard of neocons to become a true puppet president. They will make sure her social values are matched with equal parts of their neoconservatism. If McCain suffers a serious relapse of melanoma, the neocons will have more control over this country’s future than they ever did under GWB. Combine the puppet and neocon puppeteer with Palin’s social values and beliefs and what comes next will become a disaster far bigger than any we have yet seen. McCain/Palin followed by Palin/Rove(?) will result in a form of government similar to what our founding forefathers rebelled against with Great Britain. http://the-wawg-blog.org/?p=664

Please ask Senator McCain to share is medical history in an informative fashion so that voters can cast a better informed vote.


McCain is 72. He’s had cancer 4 times.



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