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Tracking the Growth of American Authoritarianism

“Can There Really Be Fascist People In A Democracy?”
Libertarians are stealthily taking over America.

Since the 1971 Powell Memo, America has moved closer and closer to Fascism.


Modern Money Theory/Practice – Fixing an Under-capacity Economy.

From Intro To Modern Money Theory: “Modern Monetary Theory is partly a description of how our modern fiat, floating exchange rate currencies actually work, and partly a prescription of what we ought to do with this knowledge. MMT realizes that … Continue reading

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False Equavilancy Reinforces Beliefs in an Alternate Reality

I’ve posted multiple times about my concerns with profit-centric MSM and their requirement to put profit before the common good of we the people. For many, profit-centric news is only kind of news with which you are familiar. Well, back … Continue reading

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Federal Spending for Sustaining Instead of Destroying LIFE

$700 Billion for the Pentagon – Where Will All That Federal Money Come From? A Few Taps on a Keyboard. DJT just signed a bill to provide $700 Billion for the Pentagon in FY2018 while Congress is working on a … Continue reading

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