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Tracking the Growth of American Authoritarianism

“Can There Really Be Fascist People In A Democracy?”
Libertarians are stealthily taking over America.

Since the 1971 Powell Memo, America has moved closer and closer to Fascism.


Growing Our Democracy, Economically, Is Key to It’s Survival!

This growth must go beyond reversing voter suppression, improving public education, and expanding civic participation. Maximizing the rule of democracy for our government of, by and for the PEOPLE must also include democratizing our economy. Record economic inequality must be … Continue reading

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Too Much Ado About So Little – Russian Hacks

How effective was Russian propoganda on social media? Who many votes were switched? What other voter numbers are more significant? But just how many Facebook users who saw this propoganda, actually bothered to vote? A 2010 study of Facebook users … Continue reading

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