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Tracking the Growth of American Authoritarianism

Exposing the "Nobile Lie" of Right-wing Authoritarian Trickle Down Economics
Imagine a third bar for just the Koch Brothers
After WW II, we had a powerful middle class, then Reaganomics started their demise.


A Historical Perspective on Why Free Trade (NAFTA, TPP) Has Screwed the American Middle Class for 30 years

The following are from an article by Thom Hartman, where you can read more: When Washington became president in 1789, most of America’s personal and industrial products of any significance were manufactured in England or in its colonies. Washington asked … Continue reading

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A New Costly Cold War?

Are profit-centric media supporting profit-centric defense contractors by promoting a new cold war, via Russian Hack hysteria, and boosting support for more defense spending? Are regime change neocons fanning the flames for a new cold war to remove Putin from … Continue reading

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Two Definitions of Government – Progressive vs Corporate

This was a response to part of business editorial on DJT’s “Wheeling and Dealing” over the Carrier jobs. _______________________________________ I agree that DJT’s approach to governing is frightening. What I take issue with is this statement from the editorial: “The … Continue reading

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What will DJT do to Make American Great Again (MAGA)?

Remember the Tea Party motto Take Our Country BACK? Back to where, I once asked a local Tea Party leader? As a boomer, I enjoyed a well-regulated economy that wasn’t influenced by the many conservative think tanks of today and … Continue reading

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Why Privatize Social Security? More Wealth Transfer for the 1%

Right-wing authoritarian Republican politicians, like Paul Ryan, believe that the individual is solely responsible for their success or failure. Their moral righteousness is based on one’s self-discipline and ability to plan for every contingency. That leaves the 99% to fend … Continue reading

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