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Tracking the Growth of American Authoritarianism

Exposing the "Nobile Lie" of Right-wing Authoritarian Trickle Down Economics
Imagine a third bar for just the Koch Brothers
After WW II, we had a powerful middle class, then Reaganomics started their demise.


“Can There Really Be Fascist People In A Democracy?” – John Dean Exposes The Authoritarians that Are Leading the Way

(2013 follow-up posting.) In Power and Absolute Power – What Concerns Me Most, I expressed my concerns about political power being concentrated into one party, either Democrats or Republicans, “… what is taking us back to the really good ole’ … Continue reading

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August 2006, WAWG Index – Up Another 8%

In this eleventh survey of the web, the WAWG Index group average was up by 8 percent from July 2006. Of the fourteen traits tracked, 9 were down slightly, 5 were up, and 0 were unchanged. The cumulative change for … Continue reading

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IRS Determines 58 Federal Law Violations during 2004 Campaign – Were Some by Christianists?

In February 2006, the IRS published the results of their review of reported violations of the Revenue Act of 1954 by organizations, including churches, whose tax exempt status prohibits their participation in or intervening in “(including the publicizing or distributing … Continue reading

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